We recognize the fact that the Real Estate Brokerage Business revolves around its access to the quality, quantity and timeliness of its information sources. 

Our core business is based on the integrity of the information we gather and bring to focus for the benefit of our clients.

Guided by the highest ethical standards, our mission is to provide our clients a 360 degree vista over all forms of their real estate requirements and deliver premier real estate brokerage services for all of their transactions.


JOHN A. BREMONT Chief Executive Officer/President/Founder

John Bremont is a licensed real estate broker with over 30 years experience within the sales and leasing of residential, commercial and investment property sectors. In 1981 and through 1983, as President and Founder of Citilist, New York’s first income producing online multiple listing service (MLS), he pioneered and developed applications for residential, commercial and investment real estate as well as developed the market’s use of on-line access for real estate, finance and listing information.

From 1983 through 1986, Mr. Bremont was President, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of BrokerNet, an online commercial and residential MLS responsible for subscribing over one hundred leading brokerage firms.

Mr. Bremont as President of Host Realty Services, a home office systems technology firm, established enduring relationships.

He continued pioneering the use of on-line applications to the real estate community.  He’s been active in brokerage and development of shopping centers, malls and mortgage and venture funding to include bridge financing as well as retail stores, office space, business acquisitions and corporate consulting.

Mr. Bremont’s work has been featured in many periodicals including The New York Times, The New York Post, Real Estate Weekly, The Wall Street Journal and other leading publications.

Email: JBremont@H2ORealty.us

JONAS GAYER Chief Financial Officer 

Jonas Gayer was educated at Brooklyn College and New York University, earning a BS Degree in Accounting, and MBA in Economics and Business Administration, and an MBA in Taxation.

Mr. Gayer worked for the internal Revenue Services in various capacities for 10 years (1972-1982) before joining the prestigious CPA firm of Weinick Sander and Company, located in New York City.

In 1990, he established his own firm of Gayer Associates Tax Consulting Company where he has been retained by many prominent New York businesses and clients

Email: JGayer@H2ORealty.us

JAMES C. KNAPP Chief Technical Advisor 

James Knapp began working with computers at age 15, in a special program sponsored by IBM and later served in The United States Air Force as a teacher for missile computer guidance systems.

He was the Chairman and Founder of I/Net Inc., a publicly traded company in The United States.

Mr. Knapp served under President Reagan as a member of the National Security Forum in 1989 and under President Clinton during the 1995 White House Conference on Small Business as a delegate for Education and Training in the 21st Century.

Mr. Knapp has been listed in the ARC Directory of Top U.S. Computer Executives since 1989. He has been a featured speaker at both MIT and Harvard. Mr. Knapp holds a BBA Degree from the University of Maryland.

Mr. Knapp has spent the last eight years as CTO for Internet Financial Services, Ltd. (a Cayman Islands ISP/ASP serving off-shore banks, law firms & accounting firms)  

Email: JKnapp@H2ORealty.us

PETER P. Meagher Director of Management Information Systems 

Mr. Meagher brings depth and breadth of experience in the delivery of technical solutions and information systems management to business organizations.  He started his career providing mathematical programming support to the engineering and scientific community in the West Coast's "Silicone Valley."

Mr. Meagher has worked on numerous projects in several roles including project manager, business analyst, product manager, senior consultant and trainer, each project required problem solving skills that drew on human communications, technology and business and financial operations factors.  Accomplishments include project work on the conversion of insurance policy value into securities value for MetLife, when they converted from a mutual ownership business form into a corporate form creating America’s most widely held stock in a transaction that raised over $5.2 billion in under 18 months.

Clients have included:  ADP, AIG, AOL, CUNY, Cap Gemini, Datek Online, DoubleClick Online Advertising, Emory Shipping, FEDEX, Fleet Bank, MetLife, New York Mercantile Exchange, Toronto Stock Exchange, UAL, among others

Email: PMeagher@H2ORealty.us

JOHN HAWKINS Managing Director

Mr. Hawkins brings a wealth of experience to the Commercial Sales and Leasing Management Division.

Starting with the Union Castle Cruise Line of London, England, he was responsible for all dining plans and menus on ships ranging from 400 to 1000 passengers with cruise durations of 7 to 28 days and developing new dining concepts as alternatives to mass dining cruise packages.

As Director of International Expansion for European Entertainment PLC London, England, he Introduced European club concepts to the American market, where successfully launched properties in New York City, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Beverly Hills.

Later, as Managing Director for West Group Hospitality Dallas, TX he oversaw all aspects of general operations of hotel properties including four star hotel properties located in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, California and a $200,000,000 annual budget.

Most recently, Mr. Hawkins developed marketing plans for unique concepts providing quality food and service in attractive settings leading to his ownership and operation of successful restaurants in New York City.  These include the three “The Barking Dog” restaurants, “Go Fish” and the “Chemist Club Grill.

Email: JHawkins@H2ORealty.us

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